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Men’s Staff:

Very Right Reverend DawnRose Thistlethwaite
Archbishop, Church of Divine Man


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DawnRose found BPI the old fashion way, by being born into it.  DawnRose knew how to ground before she could walk and has enjoyed being a psychic since birth.

Growing up around psychic’s meant that you couldn’t get away with everything, but it made trying very exciting.  DawnRose has traveled around the world with psychic’s and thinks this is the best way to travel.  England, France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Egypt, China, Nepal, India, Thailand, Philippines, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada are all passport stamped.

Taking her place as Archbishop is a mock up 35+ years in the making.  DawnRose’s vision of BPI is a place where a spirit with a body can find it’s self.  That people through meditation will find psychic freedom as defined in the creed.

DawnRose can be reached best via email

Right Reverend Kirk Marcroft
Bishop, Men’s Program

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Kirk began his life, one Saturday morning around 11:35am, on January 14th 1966, at Stanford Hospital.

As a child Kirk was very psychic, he saw being and could feel energy and never liked the energy in his family. Kirk grew up in Redwood City until at 10 years of age, his mother got remarried and the family moved to Gilroy. This is where he learned to love nature and would often hike into the mountains by himself too feel better.

When Kirk was 18, a friend of his told him about BPI, and described it as Psychic kindergarten. In September of 1984, Kirk drove to San Jose and got his first reading at BPI. In January of 1985, on his 19th birthday, Kirk started Mediation One. But he was too embarrassed to tell any one it was his birthday, so he waited until the six week session was over to mention it.

In July of 1992 Kirk joined the one year clairvoyant program. In the late 90’s Kirk became the first Web Master and Computer Engineer for CDM, BPI and Déjà vu Publishing Company. Kirk is a graduate of the Men’s Teachers Program, three year TM Program, and was Dean of The Men’s Teachers Program for 5 years.

Kirks hobbies include: independent filmmaking, attending Burning Man, cooking, working in his shop, throwing parties and sitting in his hot tub. Kirk hold a Science Degree of Electronic and Computer Engineering and is a Licensed C10 Electrician.

Kirk is now Bishop overseeing the Men’s Program for CDM and BPI.

Right Reverend Elaine Berger
OTO Dean & Teacher


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Elaine began her spiritual journey by taking a beginning class at the Berkely Psychic Institute in 1984. This experience changed her perception of the world. She continued with her spiritual training, taking many more programs in the next few years, including the One-To-One Program in 1996, then the Mentor’s Training Program in 1997. She now teaches in the One-To-One vibration, and this continues to be her spiritual home. She teaches students new to the One-To-One vibration, as well as contining journeys in a never ending exploration with graduates of the program.

On a personal note, Elaine enjoys a variety of hobbies including dance, acrobatics, scuba diving, hiking, and backpacking. She has traveled extensively, both for pleasure and on spiritual pilgrimages. She has a professional career in the medical field, and she combines her spiritual and medical expertise by offering medical intuitive readings and healings.

Right Reverend William Brewster III
Bishop, Trance Medium Program

BBrewster_squareRight Reverend William D. Brewster III began his psychic training in 1978 when he began taking classes at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. He is a gifted healer and minister in the Church of the Divine Man and the Divine Healing Center.

William began his life in Santa Barbara, California and moved to the San Fernando Valley as a child. He worked for the federal government for 26 years as a Marine Electrician on both surface craft and nuclear submarines.

William began his psychic and healing training in 1978 when he began taking classes at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. He graduated from the Clairvoyant Training program in 1980. He completed Ministers in Training and Missionary Teachers Program in 1982. He completed the Hands on Healing program in 1989. He is also a graduate of the Oracle Trance Medium Program and is in training in the Trance Medium Teachers Program. He specializes in Hands on Healings for Men Only.

William has been on numerous spiritual pilgrimages: Puerto Rico, China, Egypt, Brazil, Thailand, Tibet, Hawaii, Caribbean, and Greece. He is the Coordinator of the Divine Healing Center. He offers Hands on Healing and Trance Medium Readings and Healings. William lives in the beautiful Hills of Sonoma with his wife Renneau.

Right Reverend Natalie Villeda
Bishop of BPI Berkeley

natalie-768x1024Natalie was born on the north side of Chicago, Illinois during one of Chicago’s worst snow blizzards in history. The snow was stacked 6ft high in the streets. The blanket of snow brought the windy city to a quiet stand still as Natalie was birthed into the world.

Natalie grew up seeing and hearing things all the time, she was lucky to have been born into a family that would let her talk about it, even though they did not always understand her. As a child Natalie was very aware of energy and always took a long time observing people before she got close, it was important to check out the energy of a person before she jumped into being friends. Once when she was 3 years old she was walking down the street with her mother. Her mother stopped in front of a church and said “Hey let’s go in here and talk to God for a bit” Natalie proceeded to cut loose and run down the street in the other direction. She has since learned there is no use being in resistance, communication with God is fun and she now runs towards the big guy in the sky.

In the 7th grade Natalie had a science teacher that told her that everything was made of the same stuff, atoms, and that these little pieces of energy were simply vibrating at different speeds. This made sense to Natalie and she started thinking about her school desk, her skin and her lunch all made of the same stuff. She resolved that someday she was going to learn how to manipulate these vibrations.

Natalie holds a degree in Women’s Studies from UC Santa Cruz and has worked in many different areas. She has done social work with psychotic homeless women in San Francisco, continues working with Burning Man out in the Nevada desert and a few years ago she started her own business as a professional Intuitive Counselor.

Natalie used to be out of control with her healing of others, she was super sensitive to other peoples feelings and couldn’t help taking it on. Thank goodness she found BPI in 1998, here she learned psychic meditation and started to get a hold of her abilities. Taking classes and programs gave her the wisdom to laugh at herself, especially when the growing got rough. Natalie continues to laugh the hardest when things get a get a little tricky and prescribes this technique to others. She swears by it, calling it her best beauty secret by far.

Reverend Glenda Gorman
Dean, Ministers in Training (MITs)

glendaGlenda has been teaching meditation and healing classes and training psychics for almost 20 years. She loves to play in kindergarten!


Reverend Aleta Sage
Dean, Dendera Program

Aleta SageAleta loves teaching meditation and is pretty sure she was born to do it.  Her first time meditating was when she was 16 years old after reading directions in national geographic magazine. A couple years later she started a 3 day a week meditation and yoga program,  which she was devoted to for years.  But for her, nothing compares to psychic kindergarten. 13 years ago she found BPI and has had the best meditation adventure ever since!

Reverend Steve Drlica

Dean, Clairvoyant Program

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I graduated from the Clairvoyant program around 1982.  I have gone through the Ministers In Training, The Teacher’s Program, I was the first graduate of Lewis’s 5 year Trans Medium Program, and did two years in the TM control program.  I was the Assistant Pastor in Santa Rosa for a short while. I worked in the male program for many years with other teachers.  I did the One to One Program with Lewis. I started the pet readings at the psychic fairs.

Currently I am teaching the healing classes,  men’s classes, run the male healing clinic on Monday nights, am involved with trans medium events in Sacramento every 3rd Friday of the month, and run the graduate readings on the other Friday’s in Sacramento.  I have taught several clairvoyant classes in the last several months.

I have been a veterinarian for 46 years  and am still working in animal welfare for the federal government and do vaccine clinics on  the week ends.  With my extra time, I play on my tractor  at my 160 acre ranch north of Grass Valley- in the Gold Country.

 Reverend Stuart Turner
Director, Men’s Program

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Hi, my name is Stuart Turner.

I am from Tucson, AZ home to some of the most magnificent thunderstorms. I have an associates degree in electronics and a bachelors in engineering from Arizona State University. I enjoy hiking, mountain biking on my well worn mongoose, swimming, and watching wildlife.

My first psychic reading occurred before attending the movie Stalker, which was the feature show next to the Psychics place of residence in Santa Monica.

Living in Los Angeles I worked for the same company that manufactured the rockets that flew to the moon; however, a process engineering opening at a San Francisco manufacturer drew me to the Bay Area. I found Berkeley Psychic Institute within a year of living in the Bay and attended a “Psychic Fair” which transformed my life.
Subsequently I began taking classes and graduated from the clairvoyant program in 2001 and have since become a Licensed Minister and Teacher at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, which is the seminary of the Church of Divine Man.