Very Right Reverend DawnRose Thistlethwaite
Archbishop, Church of Divine Man


DawnRose found BPI the old fashion way, by being born into it.  DawnRose knew how to ground before she could walk and has enjoyed being a psychic since birth.

Growing up around psychic’s meant that you couldn’t get away with everything, but it made trying very exciting.  DawnRose has traveled around the world with psychic’s and thinks this is the best way to travel.  England, France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Egypt, China, Nepal, India, Thailand, Philippines, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada are all passport stamped.

Taking her place as Archbishop is a mock up 35+ years in the making.  DawnRose’s vision of BPI is a place where a spirit with a body can find it’s self.  That people through meditation will find psychic freedom as defined in the creed.

DawnRose can be reached best via email


Right Reverend Elaine Berger
OTO Dean & Teacher


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Elaine began her spiritual journey by taking a beginning class at the Berkeley Psychic Institute in 1984. This experience changed her perception of the world. She continued with her spiritual training, taking many more programs in the next few years, including the One-To-One Program in 1996, then the Mentor’s Training Program in 1997. She now teaches in the One-To-One vibration, and this continues to be her spiritual home. She teaches students new to the One-To-One vibration, as well as contining journeys in a never ending exploration with graduates of the program.

On a personal note, Elaine enjoys a variety of hobbies including dance, acrobatics, scuba diving, hiking, and backpacking. She has traveled extensively, both for pleasure and on spiritual pilgrimages. She has a professional career in the medical field, and she combines her spiritual and medical expertise by offering medical intuitive readings and healings.