• Membership Brochure
    Lists membership benefits & how to apply for Housing Allowance for working ministers.
  • Member Reinstatement Form
    This form is required of all individuals who wish to rejoin the CDM community and who have opted out of membership for no more than 1 to 5 years. Please note there is a $150 reinstatement contribution requested in addition to your current year membership. You will be notified by email of your reinstatement status. We look forward to having you rejoin our community! For individuals who have opted out of membership for more than 5 years and wish to reinstate their membership as an active minister, please contact CDM Admin at 510-847-9206.
  • Spiritual Path Agreement
    Sign up for a Spiritual Path Agreement and shape your participation with BPI. Download the SPA form and submit it to your local mission. Online Contribution for Spiritual Path Agreement (SPA):

Membership Levels:

I. Level 1 Membership/Minister


Level one membership is considered the Church of Divine Man’s most valued membership level. A level one membership is for graduates of the Clairvoyant Program who wish to be active in the organization and requires a Spiritual Path Agreement. This agreement outlines your goals and intentions for your spiritual path and is made with the Graduate Regent, who can help you decide on classes, readings, energy checks or other activities that can help you reach the goals you have outlined. You receive energy checks throughout the year and maintain communication with whomever you and the Graduate Regent decide you will be working with.

Level one membership/Minister allows graduates to participate in church services, graduate readings, healing clinics, attend workshops, receive special newsletters, be in a graduate program and attend special events such as the Health and Vitality Retreat (formerly known as the 2 Year Retreat) and the Erasure Lectures at a special membership contribution rate. It also protects your membership and minister’s license and validates the steps a Minister is making through giving and receiving energy checks.

II. Level 2 Membership/Minister


A level two membership is for graduates of the Clairvoyant Program who wish to be good standing with the church but are not interested in being active and in a Spiritual Path Agreement. You can request energy checks thought the year, and you can always make arrangements to read or participate but you are not required to do so.

Many Level 2 ministers have ministries independent of the Church of Divine Man and this category sustains your legal status as a minister. Level 2 membership allows members to attend church services, receive special newsletters, and attend workshops and special events, such as the Erasure Lectures, at a special membership contribution rate.

III. Level 3 Membership
Level 3 membership is for general members who have not graduated from the Novice Clairvoyant Training Program, the Seminary Workshop of the Church of Divine Man, but would like to participate in healing clinics and attend workshops.