A Clairvoyant Look at
Aboriginal Spirituality

Become more aware of and senior to your own cultural pictures by clairvoyantly exploring the rich history and culture of
Australia’s Aborigines

These workshops can be taken individually for a $50 donation, or you may register for all six for a $250 donation.

Workshop Dates:
Sun Oct 18th, 5-7p
Sun Nov 22nd, 5-7p
Sun Dec 13th, 5-7p
Sun Jan 24th, 5-7p
Sun Feb 21, 5-7p
Sun Mar 21, 5-7p

You can also own this playground as a starting point to join us
on a pilgrimage to experience the Australian
Dreamtime in 2021.

Open to All

Click here to register for all six workshops ($250 donation)
Click here to register for a single workshop ($50 donation)

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These Workshops are taught in Psychic Kindergarten
within the Church of Divine Man 

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