The Astral Workshop Series
Six Workshops to Increase Awareness and 
Ownership of Your Astral Space & Abilities   
Online Room
Astral Workshop Topics Include
~your seniority in the astral space~
~your astral body & your spiritual tools~
~daydreams, nightmares, & lucid dreaming~
~out-of-body experience & memory~
~the silver cord~
Astral Workshop Dates:
Sun Feb 9th, 5-7p
Sun Mar 15th, 5-7p
Sun Apr 26th, 5-7p
Sun May 10th, 5-7p
Sun Jun 14th, 5-7p
Sun Jul 12th, 5-7p
These workshops can be taken individually for a $50
donation or as a six-month series for $250. You can
also own this playground as a starting point to join us
on a pilgrimage to experience the Australian
Dreamtime in the Spring of 2021.
For more information, please contact
 To Make a Contribution:
Full Series $250 Contribution

One Please $50 Contribution

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