Berkeley Psychic Institute Graduates are the only people eligible to read with The Déjà vu Psychic Hotline.

If you are interested in starting or adding to a Professional practice, this is the place for you.

If you just want to take a step up in your havingness, crown, tools, and amusement, this place is for you.

Blow money pictures, blow healing pictures, have fun, reset the energy of your home space.

We have various roles you can work energy, blow pictures, and own your tools:

  • Energy Management Team – (on your own time) This team does readings on a psychic business. Blow pictures and see how attention and judgment effects a psychic business.
  • Energy checkers – (on your own time) This team gets to look at professional readers and give hellos to readers while healing themselves.
  • Professional Reader – (Call or email to find out if any shifts are open) This reader takes the calls from home and does readings on whatever the caller wants. (And gets paid)

Take a look to see if this is your next step.

Feel free to call with any questions or to test it out.

Jann Nichols
Déjà vu Hotline Director