Website forms, Adobe Classroom links, Membership, and more.

Graduate Self Check-in
Graduate self check-in for the graduate reading space.

Online Class Addmittance Form
Form for online guests or students

Membership Page
CDM Membership forms and descriptions.

Website Updates & Corrections
Fill out online form for class/event updates and website corrections.

Online CV Program Application

Graduation Application
Fill out application if graduating from Clairvoyant program or any Graduate programs.

Spiritual Path Agreement
Sign up for a Spiritual Path Agreement and uniquely shape your participation with BPI. Download the SPA form and submit it to your local mission.

Online Contribution for Spiritual Path Agreement (SPA):

How to Participate in Adobe Online Classroom
7 minute How-To Video

Operating System Test This link will test your computer operating system. Make sure that you have all the necessary updates to participate in Adobe Online Classroom.

Adobe Online Classroom Links
Google Spreadsheet of all Adobe Online Classroom Links


  • Using Google Chrome may conflict with Adobe Connect.
  • Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer are preferred.
  • Update Adobe Flash on your computer
  • Use a headset to talk with us online, can help with sound.  If sound is a big issue, some online students type in any questions or anything they want to share. There is a chat window available in the online classroom.
  • Mute your MIC when you are not talking.
  • Freezing your camera screen can help with bandwidth while online with other students

Housing Allowance Form
A form for ministers to request Housing Allowance.

CDM Choir Book
The choir book for CDM church services as a downloadable PDF file.

Additional Song Lyrics:
Put Up a Rose” and  “I Said

Church Offertory – Berkeley Mission
Make your online donation to the Berkeley parish.