We now use Zoom. To attend a class, workshop or reading, please download Zoom to your computer.

Online Attendance Policy:

  • For all online participation, it is the responsibility of each attendee to have the correct equipment and internet connection to attend BPI/CDM activities.
  • Tablets and cell phones are less suitable than a computer for any online function as they are less stable and robust than a computer.  Drops are very common and audio can be of poor quality.
  • Lap tops and other more stable computers as well as a headset with a mic are recommended.
  • The teacher(s) or reading control will not hold back a class or reading space, should an attendee experience technical difficulty.
  • It is each participant’s responsibility to create a personal sanctuary without distraction and/or background noise.  Attending classes or reading spaces in a car, coffee shop or other public place are never appropriate for online participation.
  • Should the participant’s lack of appropriate equipment and /or grounded sanctuary create a disturbance or disruption during the class or reading space, the attendee will not be allowed to participatein the event.
  • We are committed to creating a sanctuary for all to find their own space and honor other’s finding their own space as well.


  • Update Zoom on your computer.
  • Use a headset to talk with us online.
  • Mute your MIC when you are not talking.
  • If your mic isn’t working, use the chat window to type questions or to share.