On November 8th psychic’s from Berkeley, Santa Rosa, Sacramento and from around the web joined in looking at 2017.  In true BPI tradition please look for your own truth and be amused.


  • Alan Mosk will have a big year
  • Conflict at the Oscars, escalated drama, anger
  • Back stabbing between celebrities
  • Male actor getting into a fight with a women, getting possible jail time, end of October
  • Steph Curry’s wife winning an award for a cook book
  • Saturday Night Live is going to have much fun with this election for many months


  • Huge flooding that happens in May, remains discovered, obviously alien
  • Middle of next year, April, artificial signals being received
  • April: galaxies & stars
  • Feb, someone doing a bad cover up story on Aliens on purpose
  • Hillary clinton doing something with aliens in Sep, de-escalation
  • March discovery on Mars
  • Alien Movie in Oct, sleeper hit, aliens sleeping in the ocean
  • Exposure of an alien body in Sep
  • Nov for alien disclosure that we are all alien descent
  • We are going to find where they are housing the aliens in late spring that is confirmed in Aug/Sept


  • Pants suits
  • 70’s energy
  • Falls cover paler: Olive green, black, grey, raspberry, grey navy
  • Gray, white, black, silver sheen
  • Hats that are blinking in Aug
  • DIY fashion that makes big Industry fashion sad
  • Sad tulip shaped dresses and flowers coming into style
  • Tribal minimalist
  • Winter boot, with hidden compartments
  • No more heavy eyebrow
  • Different color tattoos that blend with skin tones
  • Fashion – Return to 60’s fashion, 80’s fluff hair.
  • No harm to animals fashion trend and recycled sustainable fashion.
  • Men dressed as businessmen, elegant.  Consuming less, buying less clothes.
  • Clothing with holes to show off tattoos
  • Comeback on beer hats
  • A healing device that looks like a coolie hat with a skirt, made with silver that helps ground and heal the body


  • Hilary is in upper chakras at blue
  • Trump in his lower chakras at grey
  • Issues with the supreme court Jan. / Feb.
  • Hilary at a wedding in Feb with a flower behind her ear, somewhere warm
  • States separating from the union, creating Chaos, political distraction to take the attention off alien discoveries in May.
  • Hilary at blue
  • Trump at grey/ black
  • Many women’s events in 2017
  • Domestic White terrorist groups in Feb
  • Supreme court dude replaced by a young progressive male
  • Division between Government & Military – military protecting the people against the government (year after next) with the people waking up this year
  • In April and august a melt down of the traditional AMA model and a rising of the truth about natural healing
  • Civil war energy between Democrats & Republicans in July, has to do with the Fiscal year
  • NRA & military establishing protection around Trump to prevent next assassination attempt
  • Lynch mob energy, Popular rebellion against incumbant president – not an easy acceptance of the winner


  • unusual weather
  • Feb floods storms dark sky’s
  • Blue beginning of next year, Latin America celebrating, north and south coming together, indigenous American tribes, a big shift
  • Whether modification reviled
  • Yellowstone volcano having unusual readings and happenings
  • Water and arable land is shrinking towards the northwest, creating an environmental dust bowl in the south east
  • Genetically engineered food is killing more people – a high death rate of old and young


  • March, not  crash but a shift
  • Online banks competing with established backs
  • Poor people get a lift, money from the sky, opportunities for the poor
  • People who are penny pincher, financial freedom comes
  • Summer: oil bubble burst, messy, but helps redistribution of wealth
  • United States will be abundant again & middle class will raise salaries, minimum wage raises to $15/ hr. & prices raises as well.
  • Government will filter more unconscious control through economy–even apples will be measured–government sill see exactly what you’re eating and where you’re buying