Hello Graduates!

The Berkeley Psychic Institute has a lot to offer beyond the clairvoyant program. The clairvoyant program is only the first step. Now that you have graduated what do you want do with all your fabulous new tools? Do you want to work your healing abilities, discover your religious pictures, further own your meditation space or learn how to teach others? The Church of Divine Man is here to support and watch you grow.

CDM Membership Renewal
If you have graduated from the Clairvoyant program and are considering returning to the Berkeley Psychic Institute, you can schedule a consultation session with the director of your local institute.

Graduate Program Descriptions

I. [Spiritual Path Agreement]
Sign up for a Spiritual Path Agreement and uniquely shape your participation with BPI. Download the SPA form and submit it to your local mission.

II. Ministers in Training Program (MITs)
The Ministers in Training program is a six month program where students get to discover their religious truth and how to wake up their crown chakra and learn how to speak in front of other. In this program you get to create church services, learn how to look at the bible clairvoyantly, how to perform a religious ceremony. We also spend six weeks looking at how the role we play in our family effects us and why you choose our families this life time. The prerequisite for this program is the “Your Next Step” class.

III. Teachers Program (Minister Licensing Program)
Learn to teach classes in meditation and healing and to find your own truth. Teach psychic tools in kindergarten where spirit resides. Will also teach men’s and women’s classes validating the unique aspects of being spirits in male and female bodies. A fifteen-month program; pre-requisite is the Minister’s in Training Program.
*note upon completion of the Teachers program you can apply to become a licensed minister in the Church of Divine Man

IV. Dendera Healing Program
The Dendera Healing program is a six-month program for graduate women who want to focus on self-healing, giving to themselves, and creating miracles and self- transformation. In this program, women use their clairvoyance and self-transformation. In this program, use their clairvoyance, female energy, and healing abilities, as they come more into communication with themselves, the Supreme Being, and the God of their Heart. This program is open to women who have completed the clairvoyant program and the Your next step class.

V. Hands on Healing Program (HOH)
The Hands on Healing program focuses on the spiritual ability of healing. Students will validate and explore their healing ability and information, deprogram foreign controls and heal themselves while healing others, using touch on the physical and astral bodies. This is a 1-year program, with a prerequisite of Your Next Step.

VI. One to One Program (OTO)
Rev. Elaine Berger is the teacher of One to One. The One to One program is: “to get everyone out of your space then to get you in.” -Lewis Bostwick

VII. Men’s Healing Programs
The men’s space at BPI is very unique and has lots of activities to explore being a spirit in a male body.  The male experience is for the man who is ready to define himself, for himself.  When the focus is on cooperation and autonomy, male energy thrives. Join us in these male events to kick the programing out, so you can be…..you.

The women’s space at BPI is a sanctuary for female creative energy to be explored.  Baby beings, male control, pain, fear and many more pictures affect how we use this energy.  Getting healings and readings is the start of us using this energy in awareness.  The events and retreats help us to focus this awesome energy into the force we know it can be.


The 3 year Trance Medium Program is the pathway to taking ownership of your body from other spirits.  In this program you find spirits you have given your seniority up to and take it back.  By creating a space to be a Trance Medium Healer you then create the space when you are not one.  This defining of space is ownership.