DenderaDendera was originally the temple of an ancient Egyptian Goddess. In present time, the Dendera Healing Program is a sanctuary for women to know and express the power of spirit in a female body. A Dendera graduate has learned to use her clairvoyance, spiritual healing abilities and female creative energy to heal herself and create the goals she desires. She has found these answers by giving healings and spiritual counselings to other women. They are aware that a woman creates her own reality and owns that ability, choosing to release the lies that would try to control her spiritual freedom. A Dendera graduate is a woman who knows how to create and enjoy miracles in her everyday life and be amused at what she creates.

Healing Clinics

In the Women’s Dendera Healing Clinic, the female healer works with your female energy to give you a healing. The healer leaves her body as a spirit and then uses her spiritual energy to work on your healing request. When she is done, she removes her energy out of your space and returns to her own healed space.


The Female Reading at BPI was designed to have women clairvoyantly looking at women.  Often the pictures of abuse or pain create an emotional response in the body.  It is okay in a room full of women to experience these emotions.

The readings look at a women’s male and female vibrations in the aura.  What is the programing in the body to have kids. The traditional chakra and rose reading are apart of this reading.  Also there is time for two questions and an out of body female healing.

The Dendera Healing Program

The program is 6 months.  You sit down with your dean and set the energy on your Healing Project.  This project is for YOU and no one else.  You will attend once a month class, clinic and workshop.  At your monthly fair it is important to do female tune ups, readings and healings.  The weekly reading space is ONLY female readings.  Every reading, healing and class is for you to focus on your healing project.