rose_icon_indigoThe Ministers in Training program is a six month program where students get to discover their religious truth and how to wake up their crown chakra and learn how to speak in front of other.

In this program you get to create church services, learn how to look at the bible clairvoyantly, how to perform a religious ceremony. We also spend six weeks looking at how the role we play in our family affects us and why you choose our families this life time.

This program is broken down into 4 six week sessions:

  • Family Section
  • Church Section
  • Bible Section
  • Ceremonies Section

Each section takes you through a Clairvoyant perspective.  Meditation, reading, staffing all help you to access your ministers hat.  Kindergarten helps us to set this space away from family and childhood religious programing.

Next class starts July 16, 2020.

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Teacher: Rev. Karimah Keene