One to OneThis 18-month Program is a personal exploration of you – an eternal spirit. It involves a one-to-one conversation between you and the cosmic universe. Within this Program is the opportunity to explore how you create your incarnations, where you are on your spiritual journey, how family and past life experiences shape who you are, and how you can change patterns that affect you. The Program consists of 16 monthly sessions facilitated by a OTO Mentor and 3 energy checks with a OTO Counselor. To fully own this space, the pre-requisite is a psychic teacher’s training similar to the CDM Teacher’s Program. You will also benefit from a grounded weekly reading space, to provide crown chakra certainty, and to keep your growth periods and energy flowing. Contribution is paid in full before the program starts.  See your local director for contribution amounts.

One to One Activities

Sunday OTO Retreats
These Retreats provide an opportunity to experience a One-to-One journey for multiple sessions in a day. They typically focus on some aspect of exploration, to broaden our awareness of the universe around us, how we experience it, and how we may be limited by our pictures of it. They are scheduled on four Sundays annually. The contribution is $50. It is available to anyone who is in or has completed the OTO Program. To register for a single Retreat, Register Here

Monthly OTO Meditation
Offers an opportunity to be in a OTO meditation for a few hours each month. We re-visit old OTO Retreat sessions, or review and re-explore sessions from the basic OTO Program. We meet on the 2nd Monday each month to run energy at 6:30pm, and start at 7:00pm. The meeting is online at the Adobe classroom, and may be held at any Mission, with prior agreement of the Mission Director. This is available to anyone who is in or has completed the OTO program. The contribution is $20. Register Here.

To donate $100 for one year of meditations, use the PayPal link below.

Advanced OTO Program
An opportunity for those having completed the OTO Program to further explore a particular aspect of themselves. The focus and curriculum of these sessions is set and created by the student. It is typically done in groups of 3 sessions, with the assistance of a Mentor from the OTO teaching staff. The contribution is $450 for 3 sessions.

OTO Healings and Healing Clinics
A OTO healing occurs when the immortal self receives a hello and communication. These healings are available at OTO Healing Clinics, and by request from the OTO staff. There is no pre-requisite. The contribution is $35.

OTO Workshops/Forums/Classes
As scheduled, these focus on a particular topic for an evening. They are available to anyone who has completed or is in the OTO Program. The contribution for the evening is $35.

Professional OTO sessions
Available from the OTO teaching staff, these individual sessions are customized for each participant.

One to One Retreat

Located Online and at BPI Berkeley: 1730 Solano Ave. Berkeley CA 94707

As we begin the new year, we have created a new schedule. This retreat will start at 1:00 for check-in and the opening meditation will begin at 1:30. We will have the closing at 6:00pm. To create equity for all, the donation will be $50 for everyone. Please come explore with us! This retreat is open to anyone who has completed the OTO program. Those who have completed the teacher’s program may come as a paying guest, to experience the OTO vibration.

Prerequisite: Teachers Program Graduates and One to One Students/Graduates
Donation: $50 (for both members & non-members). Questions? Send email to

Upcoming One to One Retreats 

Sundays, 1:30pm – 6:00pm (arrive at 1:00 to run energy)

(open to all graduates of OTO Program)

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Monthly One to One Meditation

Every 2nd Monday: Live Online and at BPI Berkeley: 1730 Solano Ave. Berkeley CA 94707

Want to play in the One to One space in between OTO Retreats? Join us every 2nd Monday evening, either online or at the Berkeley parish as we listen to tapes of previous retreats, work energy in the OTO space and exchange energy checks. Taught by Rev. Elaine Berger.

Prerequisite: Teachers Program Graduates and One to One Students/Graduates
Donation: $20 in person or online. Questions? Send email to

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Contributions (for both CDM members & non-members):

  • $20 donation – Monday OTO Class
  • $35 donation – Healing Clinics & Workshops
  • $50 donation – OTO Retreats

If you’re interested in signing up for the One to One Program, please contact us at or contact your local mission director.

Deans of the One to One Program


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