rose_icon_purpleTeacher students spend 12 months teaching and playing with the fundamental concepts and tools of psychic kindergarten.

In the meditation, healing, and clairvoyant classes, they teach their students to become aware of their personal space and to go within thereby rediscovering their own psychic abilities. In this process they give themselves the experience of knowing their spiritual information and psychic abilities.

By saying “Hello,” spirit to spirit, they learn that it is through validation that spirit grows.  By learning how to validate their students’ psychic abilities and experiences, they become more capable themselves.

Program Requirements

The classes are twice a month and some events will count as classes.  The classes are designed to go over the classes being taught and different parts of teaching or staffing.  The classes are 2 hours long and can be attended online with the exception of one in the body class per year to teach out of body healing.

Student Teachers will teach Mediation x2, Healing, Men’s or Women’s class and a class of their choice or 10months worth of teaching beginning classes.  This is a leadership program and includes a leadership project and ministering at church.  Clairvoyant training the clairvoyant students allows new teachers to exercise their crown chakra’s in different way that teaching beginning classes does.

This program is about the crown chakra.  What ever energy is there that isn’t you will be brought to the surface.  This makes for some big changes and making of lots of room.

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