What is Trance Mediumship?

  • Did you lose your keys and experience Fog Brain?
  • Did you walk into the next room and “forget” why?
  • Did you drive down the road and not recall the last five miles?

You weren’t “Home”.

You might be a Trance Medium.

Trance Mediumship is a spiritual ability to come and go from the body into the astral plane, other’s bodies, or even let other beings into the body.  We start this ability before, or as soon as, our mother becomes pregnant with us.  We connect into her to get a body.  We repeat this activity of connecting in and out throughout our lifetime.  At night when our body sleeps, when we daydream, when we have “out of body” experiences, we leave our body.  We experience Trance Mediumship multiple times daily.

If we are very sensitive to energy, Trance Medium energy may “feel” overwhelming.  Feeling energy is a spiritual ability called clairsentience, in this case the Trance Medium energy we feel belongs to other beings (with or without bodies).  There might be an uncontrollable desire to help others, heal the planet, solve global problems with your body’s energy, save the earth!  This can cause an enormous pressure on body, mind spirit.  If we do not have psychic tools to protect ourselves or remove stress and negative energy from our bodies a couple of things may occur:

  1. We leave our body, ultimately not participating much in our physical life.  Leaving the body allows us to “get out” of the energy that is in the body that causes us pain.  We may use drugs, alcohol or even food to assist us in leaving the body.  Our body may experience depression or apathy.
  2. We are such capable spirits we manage all the Trance Medium energy coming our way.  We usually end up in careers managing many people and their lives.  We may experience the need to be very responsible especially for others.  We are healers: moms, doctors, nurses, housecleaners, therapists, CEO’s, politicians, etc.  We may have a hard time taking care of our own needs because when we do, we become overwhelmed by the other energy we have been managing.  Our body may experience guilt.
  3. Our bodies become ill with “dis-ease” from the foreign energy that is inhabiting it.  If a foreign energy inhabits a body long enough it disrupts our own energy flow and may manifest into an illness or disease.  And yes!  These energies run in families.  We may inherit our parent’s Trance Medium abilities.  They were our first teachers!!

THE GOOD NEWS?  You can heal yourself and we can help!  Check out our Trance Medium Healing Clinics.

Healing Clinics

Trance Medium Healing Clinics are where students and graduates of the Oracle Trance Medium Program offer channeled spiritual healings to the public.

These occur in five to fifteen minute sessions and can reverberate within your aura, chakras and the physical body for hours, days, weeks.  You are your own healer:  Trance Medium Healings facilitate and support your spiritual goals for wellness.

TM healers can do in-person or Long Distance – MP3 provided – sessions.

Our schedule is:

First and Third Fridays: Santa Rosa
516 Sonoma Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401
First Friday: Berkeley
1900 Addison Street, Berkeley, CA 94704

Third Friday: Sacramento
526 Elvas Street, Sacramento, CA 95819

CLICK HERE to sign up.

Healing Packages

What is a Divine Healing Center Healing Package?

Continuous and consistent Spiritual Support:  we put attention Spirit-to-Spirit on your healing request with Angles, Archangels and your own Healing Guides.  This is in the vibration of gold:  Ask and you shall Receive.    Validation – on- going – on your ability to self-heal.

What are the Details?

The Divine Healing center is offering a one-month (4 week), a two-month (8 week), or a three-month (12 week) Trance Medium Healing Package.  You can now order one of these options on-line.

The healings are done once a week, usually on a Thursday.  On the fourth week, of every package, our Trance Medium healers prepare a MP3 recording and it is forwarded to you through your e-mail.

Just click the option you want, listed below, and we will start your healing package?

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