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Rev. Steve Drlica,DVM, is a veterinarian and minister. He graduated from the Clairvoyant Training Program at the Berkeley Psychic Institute in 1982. He continued through the ministers in training program, the teachers program, the five year trance medium program, two-year control program, and five years of the one-to-one program. He was also an assistant pastor in Santa Rosa for 6 month. He is currently working with the Divine Healing Center in charge of the trance medium healing clinics in Sacramento, and is teaching beginning classes and part of The Clairvoyant program at the Berkeley Psychic Institute.

Steve sees as his mission “to increase a high global spiritual vibration, one person or one pet at a time. To teach tools to generate a more healthy and content human and pet population. To heal human beings and their pets to create a healthy environment which results in ultimately peace and contentment. To open up human to animal communication to everyone.”