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Jami has been on a lifelong journey of health, healing, and wellness.
After having spent time in the military, she began to learn to heal herself and others, eventually earning a Master’s degree in Psychology and a Doctorate in Naturopathy for Health Care Professionals.
She went on to become a licensed Marriage and Family therapist an associate reverend at the Church of the Divine Man and has several certificates in exercise and wellness.
Her healing journey really excelled when she found the Berkeley Psychic Institute where she learned how to drop the energies of pain and trauma in the Clairvoyant Program. She is currently furthering her pursuit of psychic healing in the Hands on Healing Program.
She finds the tools she’s learned at the Berkeley Psychic Institute to be among the most powerful healing tools she has found in her journey of health and healing.
In addition to doing marriage and family therapy and spiritual counseling, she offers hour and a half professional psychic readings at the Berkeley Ps