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Born sunny side up May 7th, 1969 in Ukiah, Ca, yes, sunny side up, that means, butt first lol!  And if she were telling her story first hand, she would be telling ya all a really bad joke right now to distract you from her  butt. lol It’s a good thing she has a protection rose.. Lol. Her Favorite tool at BPI is body of glass! She discovered early on that she had a special knowingness about things and learned quickly by family  that it was always better to keep what she knew to herself. And although she tried, she wasn’t very good at that ha ha ha, and I think the most said thing to her by her brother and sister as a child was, shut up, go away, leave me alone, smack!

She got her first spirit to spirit hello at 17 when she came in for an aura reading, and after a looooong 25 year break, where she created many amazing miracles, like two wonderful children Kali, now 18 and Owen, 12, owned and operated a  business with 40 employees for over 10 years, and was a dedicated wife for way, tooo, long. She came back to BPI and took a Meditation 1 class in 2013, loved so much being able to ground and release energy, that she took every class she could over the next couple years.  

She joined the 2 year Clairvoyant Program in 2015, graduated as Valedictorian in 2017,where she and had to get up and present a speech using  her tools in front of God and everyone, it was at that moment when she realized she was right where she was supposed to be. And that God had been with her the whole time leading her to a place to heal and grow as a spirit in a body.  She had finally found a safe place to practice shining her light. She graduated from the Ministers In Training Program in January 2018 and is currently enrolled in the teachers program where she gets to practice using her psychic tools and be a body of glass everyday..and what’s her next step after graduation? Her personal next step, That’s in bright pink with turquoise sparkles..To enjoy her new found spiritual freedom, to create  new miracles, be in present time as much as she can and play play play…Her BPI mock up is in aloe vera green with gold continue playing with her new tools in psychic kindergarten as the new assistant director of the Sacramento Mission.

Please give contribution for the reading to hold the reading time.