Now going to Belize!

March 4th to 12th we will be having a women’s retreat in nature.  When we as women find mother nature, we find a part of who we are as women.  This vibration can be matched very easily when surrounded  by nature. This retreat is open to all women.

This trip includes daily guided meditations to work the energy of goals, female creative energy and healing.


March 4th ride from Belize City to duPlooy’s Jungle Lodge
March 7th ride to Mirasol Beach Apartment in Placencia. With a stop on the way to Mayan ruins
March 12th Fly home!
Each day will include a workshop, meditation, healings readings and PLAY TIME!
A typical day on the retreat

Meet early in the morning for a half hour meditation to start the day.
The mornings will be free for play time, excursions, the activity of your choice.

We’ll meet in the afternoon, 3-5pm for a workshop on various topics.  The time may be subject to change, but we will have a workshop every day.

We’ll meet every evening 7-9pm for healings, readings, and energy checks.  Everyone who joins the trip will receive a one hour reading from either Jann or Elaine, and that will happen in this evening time.  Side chairs are welcome in all readings!

Workshop titles include:

Tuning into the forces of nature – matching the life-force energy, matching natures rhythms
Having success – body, spirit, and the balance of [career, personal, spiritual] [family, personal, society]
Female creative energy – giving it away (which we are so good at!)
Baby beings – are you neutral? what controls your awareness of them?
Male control energy, male protection energy – how do you respond to it?

Spiritual Leaders:

RR Elaine Berger, is a world traveler and female teacher.  She loves nature and can’t wait to share this journey with you! click here to see full bio


Rev. Jann Nichols, has high havingness for her female space and nature. She is currently passionate about photographing eagles in the wild.


Our prayers go out to the Isle of Dominica and hope their recovery is swift.  We will not be going there due to the clean up efforts.

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